Promising 2017 Furniture Trends

The Most Promising 2017 Furniture Trends

If you want to keep current with your interior design, it’s imperative that you keep up with the latest trends. While 2017 is only barely under way at the time of this writing, there are already plenty of emerging aesthetic moods that are poised to set the tone for the rest of year. You can easily help give your entire home a rejuvenated feel with the following:

1 – Mix The Eras Of Your Antiques

If you’re the type that likes perusing swap meets and yard sales for old antiques, you need to make sure that you’re not only pulling from the same era for each and every item. 2017 is going to be more about the traditional colliding with the modern. You’ll likely arrive at much more interesting textures in your rooms with a mix of furniture from different time periods as well. If you’re worried it’s going to feel too hodgepodge in nature, you can try to at least keep everything within the same basic color temperature.

2 – Sometimes Smaller Is Better

An abundance of oversized furniture is a thing of the past. If you want your home to feel more inviting, a ready way to facilitate that is to open up space a bit more. You don’t need to opt for the biggest sofa and chairs you can find. Try to utilize your available space smartly, with only as much area taken up by the furnishing as you truly need. More open space should be like a breath of fresh air, and it’ll also be easier to maneuver around and clean!

3 – Marble

From countertops to tables alike, marble is going to be one of the major 2017 furniture trends. It has a gorgeous, Earthy look that’s still perfectly modern, and the surfaces are always immensely easy to clean. When offset by materials such as flatly colored wood, you’ll have the grounds for some serious aesthetic appeal that will leave all of your guests completely jealous.

4 – Matte Finishes

When it comes to your kitchen, the current trends are definitely leaning towards a unified matte finish for all of the appliances. Shiny surfaces often draw the eye away from the aesthetic value of the units themselves. Your color scheme will also pop much more without all of the glitz and glare. That’s even going to be true of more subdued grays, browns, and black and white.

5 – Let There Be Color

Colorful, yet naturally occurring tones such as pastels and gemstone pinks, greens, and blues should be your go-to for pillows, throws, and even curtains. You can use these to add just a bit more oomph to the visuals of your living room and even guest bedrooms. The effect will be even more apparent when combined with more traditionally neutral tones such as tan and beige for the base furniture. To avoid gaudiness, just make sure to avoid anything that has too much saturation or an unnatural sheen.